SPH 0313
Wilderness and Protected Lands
3 credits
SPH 0324
Outdoor Experiential Education: Instructional Techniques
3 credits
SPH 0331
Wilderness First Responder
3 credits
SPH R350
Behavioral Modification, Regulation, and Client Management in Adventure and Experiential Education
3 credits
SPH 0430
Outdoor Adventure Programming: Foundations & Theory
3 credits


SPH 0530
Outdoor Adventure Programming
3 credits
SPH 0540
Wilderness in the American Mind
3 credits
SPH 0550
Special Concerns in Parks & Recreation
3 credits
SPH 0691
Readings in Recreation
3 credits

Some course substitutions can be made. Please contact the CORE program coordinator for more information.

Undergraduate Major and Minor

All CORE classes meet requirements of the Outdoor Recreation, Parks, and Human Ecology major and satisfies 160 of the 320 required professional development hours.

The CORE curriculum fulfills most of the requirements for the Outdoor Recreation, Parks, and Human Ecology minor offered through the Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Department in the School of Public Health.

A Note to Non-Majors

Our program curriculum does not allow for any outside courses to be taken during the CORE spring semester, so please plan ahead with your advisor if you would like to pursue the minor listed above.

Department Advisers

Janet Donley

Barb Grinder

Whether you are an Outdoor major, or planning a minor, or just interested in participating in CORE, you are welcome to meet with one of the Recreation department advisers to learn more and to talk about how this could fit into your degree plan.