CORE is by far the best time I've had in school. During the expedition I kept thinking, "This is school?" I've made some great friends this semester and learned so many valuable things.

- CORE Graduate

The time I spent in Utah and Colorado this past month was by far the best time of my life. And throughout the semester and the time I spent on expedition I have learned more about myself, the natural world, other people, and the true definition of wilderness than I ever could have in any classroom.

- Sam Haury

I learned more this semester during CORE than I did the last three and a half years of college.

- CORE Graduate

I am so ecstatic that I took this course and I got something out of it that I never would have thought.…I love this wilderness thing and I can't wait to get back out into it.

- Sean Rose

We can't imagine or comprehend the challenges and new experiences still to come during CORE. But we can embrace them, rise to the challenges, and seek out the new experiences.

- CORE Graduate

Wilderness is integrated in my life now and will be for the rest of my life. It has become a part of my career path and passion because it has moved me and changed my life for the better.

- Lee Morgan

I feel so much more passionately about conservation and nature than I ever have before in my life. Ever since I have gotten back from expedition I have found myself picking up trash off sidewalks and actually starting to recycle. I really attribute this to my newfound relationship with the earth and the wilderness.

- CORE Graduate

On expedition I pushed myself further mentally and physically more so than I can ever remember. It was challenging to grow and develop with all the different personalities of the group and positively deal with the problems that arise. I feel that I grew more as a person and in outdoor leader by being given the opportunity to experience these mental challenges and growths out in the wilderness.

- Theresa King

Sitting on the banks of a peaceful river in a canyon for two days by myself is something I NEVER would have imagined to have been given an opportunity to do. It was by far the most amazing experience of my life. It totally transformed me not only mentally but physically into a new way of thinking and doing things.

- CORE Graduate

At no point during the CORE expedition was I bored with what I was doing. The lack of technology was no issue, in fact a large burden lifted off my shoulders. The straightforward and plain way of living for an extended time is an experience I will always remember and continue to desire.

- Shelley Mika

When I was face to face with my physical limitations during the walk and when I was all alone in the canyon, I realized the power and importance of the wilderness in my mind. For the first time, I felt like my existence was connected to the life that was all around me and that was an amazing feeling that I want to share with other people.

- CORE Graduate

I know that for the rest of my life now, I will be the best steward to the land and wilderness that I can possibly be so that others may share in the beauty and power of the natural world. For this reason, I intend to make a career of working for government agencies and other programs that are geared toward environmental and wilderness protection, education and stewardship. Without my CORE experience, I do not think I would have had the insight or desire to share the magnificence of the wild with other people.

- CORE Graduate